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The courses are already registered with the South African Council for Educators (SACE)

The following Thinking Tools eCourses have been or are in the process of being specially developed for teachers who truly want to make a difference in the development of tomorrow's leaders and help students learn effectively and improve their academic results.
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Thinking Tools Foundation Phase Course for


If you are outside of South Africa, contact Dr Cas Olivier for support and a quote +27832592857

Thinking Tools Course for Teachers:

All Grades and Subjects

We need a group of English-speaking teachers to make recordings of the teacher courses.

  • It is for FREE.
  • You have the privilege to meet and learn from the Thinking Tools guru himself.
  • For all subjects.
  • This is the course content.

Empower Teachers in Any Subject, at Any Grade Level, Anywhere in the World

Thinking Tools Courses transcend curriculum and subject

Though first developed in South Africa, the Thinking Tools approach transcends curriculum and subject.

Our focus on core learning skills like critical thinking and problem-solving equips students in any subject, at any grade level, anywhere in the world.

English-speaking teachers, participate in the recording of a Thinking Tools Course and learn the Thinking Tools approach for FREE.

Teaching in other languages? We welcome you to contact us and explore bringing Thinking Tools to your curriculum in your native tongue

Feedback from the foundation phase teachers

Feedback after session 3 of 6 of the Thinking Tools course

Teacher Alicia's view on the advantage of using the Thinking Tools approach.

Teachers’ feedback after completion of the course.

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