Thinking Tools for Tertiary Students

Enhance Your Academic Journey with Thinking Tools

Are you a student navigating the academic landscape, whether you're just starting your tertiary education journey or already immersed in higher learning?

Thinking Tools offers a transformative approach tailored to meet your academic needs at every stage.

Challenges Faced by Students

From the transition to university life to the complexities of higher education and beyond, students encounter various academic hurdles:

Transition Struggles: Adapting to the shift in academic expectations and independent learning requirements

Increased Complexity: Dealing with advanced subjects that demand critical thinking and analytical skills.

Time Management: Juggling academic responsibilities with work, social life, and extracurricular activities.

Research Demands: Developing strong research skills for independent study and projects.

Writing Proficiency: Mastering academic writing for essays, research papers, and reports.

Exam Stress: Coping with the pressure of high-stakes exams and assessments.

Post-Graduate Considerations: Planning for advanced studies with research requirements and thesis writing.

How Thinking Tools Can Help

Thinking Tools provides a holistic solution to empower students at all levels:

Critical Thinking Skills

Enhance problem-solving abilities and analytical thinking.

Efficient Learning

Optimize study time and improve academic performance.

Knowledge Creation Techniques

Develop insights, create knowledge, and tackle complex problems.

Confidence Building

Boost self-assurance beyond grades for long-term success.

How The Course Works

The Thinking Tools Course for Tertiary Students is offered live with Zoom as 3 x 2-hour sessions scheduled on an ad hoc basis as mutually convenient for both the students and instructor.

What does the course entail?
  • Discovering your inborn Thinking Tools and the mothership of all thinking.
  • How to use your Thinking Tools to discover and create knowledge and insight and solve problems.
  • Master any subject at any year of study.
  • When using Thinking Tools, your marks will increase!

We need at least 5 students irrespective of their field or year of study.

Your Investment

The cost per session is a mere R200.

How to Attend for FREE

Assemble a group of four (excluding yourself) dedicated students within the same academic year and field of study, and you could qualify for a complimentary course. The only requirement is that you give consent to record and utilize the content for marketing purposes.

What You Will Need

To ensure a seamless experience, each participant must possess their own computer equipped with a camera, a reliable internet connection, and access to a quiet environment.

How To Access The Course

This course if for free for any Deaf students and learners understanding South African Sign Language.

Step 1

Assemble a group of 5 students (including yourself).

Step 2

WhatsApp Cas Olivier with the names of the student group: (+27) 83 259 2857

Step 3

Participate in the course and see results in 6 hours of participation

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