The Brain Development Specialist

I established a teaching ecosystem to empower learners to become emotional and socially intelligent, develop as self-regulated critical thinkers that results in improved academic achievements and lifelong learning.

Cas Olivier is an innovative educator and founder of Learning Designs, specializing in transforming traditional teaching methods. With a focus on critical thinking and knowledge creation, Cas has developed a unique approach that liberates learners from rote learning. His expertise lies in identifying gaps in the education system and filling them with innovative concepts. At Learning Designs, Cas champions a dynamic learning process that adapts to each child's needs, fostering success through continuous discovery and growth.

About Learning Designs

Learning Designs offers a unique educational experience aimed at transforming the way students learn. By moving away from rote memorization, the focus is on developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The approach is innovative, constantly updated with new concepts to ensure learners are engaged and effective in their studies. This methodology, which emphasizes understanding and applying knowledge, helps students achieve academic success and become lifelong learners.

Dr Cas Olivier

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