4IR learning is spelled FLIPPED TEACHING

We liberate learners from rote learning and enable them to become critical thinkers and knowledge creators.

You too can have the joy to unravel the logic behind academic success!

Our role in education is to identify and fill gaps the school system is not able to cover because of their linear way of teaching.

The shocking answers to the questions we asked led to our paradigm shift:

  1. Can knowledge be transferred? No knowledge cannot be transferred from a teacher's brain to students' brains.
  2. With how many people can you communicate at the same time? Only one.
  3. How many students can you teach at the same time? Only one.
  4. What is the brain's weakest function? The memory is the brain's weakest function.
  5. What is the brain's strongest and most resilient function? The thinking brain which is a complex set of interconnected neurons that functions in integrated holistic ways.
  6. Why do education systems rely on the brain's weakest function? They have not yet discovered that the brain has inborn thinking Tools.

As a parent, do you want your child to learn smarter, faster, remember longer, be a critical thinker and have increased marks?
As a teacher, do you want to empower your students to become knowledge producers instead of knowledge consumers?

We need a new educational paradigm!

“Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.”

Explanations and presentations turn learners into knowledge consumers.

Improved explanations and presentations will not turn learners into critical thinkers, knowledge creators and problem-solvers.

When you find yourself in a hole - quit digging.

Because of Thinking Tools earners become critical thinkers, knowledge creators, and problem-solvers when they use their inborn Thinking Tools. The result is that we don't explain and offer PowerPoint presentations to learners because we know that knowledge cannot be transferred (BlueTooth-ed) from one brain to another. This is why we regard explaining as an insult to a brain which is able to think.

We follow the Vygotsky scaffolding approach to empower learners to become critical thinkers, knowledge creators, and problem-solvers.

Thinking Tools has an unmatched approach to maths

In short, research showed that mathematics can be compared with an embroidery which has a neat frontend and a backend where loose threads are cleverly be stitched together to provide a good-looking frontend. When doing maths and only focusing on the neat steps and recipes the subject related more to cooking and baking than to maths.


As a team of Thinking Tools researchers, we discovered how to stich tie the backend. Therefor we don’t teach examples of sums. Instead, we turn the process around. This empowers learners to cleverly tie and stich the loose end in meaningful ways. It is obvious that this results in neatly set out steps and correct answers which is the frontend of the sum.

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Thinking Tools guarantee to improve marks while learners enjoy learning!

The secret of the Thinking Tools successes is based on the discovery of the existence of the brain's inborn Thinking Tools and how the brain thinks in holistic and integrated ways and not in linear logic ways as widely understood.

Teacher guarantees:

  • Courses contain no warmed-up existing concepts.
  • You will learn more in this course that your whole tertiary training including all other courses about teaching and learning.
  • When following the Thinking Tools approach your learners' marks will increase.

Learner guarantees:

  • When using the Thinking Tools methods of learning marks will increase.
  • Less time will be spent on learning and revision.
  • Self-confidence will grow.

When the guarantees are not met and proof is provided, you will be re-imbursed with 2x your course fee.

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