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“Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.”

Empower Educators. Ignite Student Potential.

Learning Designs established an innovative teaching ecosystem that harnesses the brain's natural powers to develop Marvelous Minds, preparing educators and learners for the future.

Thinking Tools Offers A New Paradigm in Education

At Thinking Tools, we are dedicated to transforming the learning experience by empowering learners to become emotionally and socially intelligent, self-regulated critical thinkers. Our innovative approach is rooted in years of research into the brain's natural thinking processes and the discovery of innate Thinking Tools.

We understand that traditional education methods often fall short, relying heavily on rote memorization and failing to engage students in meaningful, critical thought. That's why our courses are designed to liberate learners from these outdated methods, enabling them to become true knowledge creators and problem solvers.

Our teaching philosophy is influenced by the principles of Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky, emphasizing the importance of constructivist learning and scaffolding. We utilize a Flipped Teaching approach, where learners actively engage with material, making their brains the primary engine of discovery while the teacher guides and supports them.

One of our key innovations is the integration of the brain's chronosensor, which helps learners grasp the concepts of time and space, essential for understanding complex subjects like languages, science, and math. Our unique approach demystifies mathematical concepts, making them accessible and comprehensible.

At Thinking Tools, our mission is to turn covert thinking processes into visible, overt learning strategies, fostering lifelong learning and academic success. We provide the tools and support necessary to navigate the complexities of education, ensuring that every learner can achieve their full potential.

Why Choose Us?

A New Education Approach that turns learners into critical thinkers, knowledge creators, and problem-solvers

An unmatched approach towards maths

A guarantee that marks will increase

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The Thinking Tools Courses

Learner Courses

Unlock Your Child’s Potential with Thinking Tools

Thinking Tools has already changed the lives of many children and parents. You will also be amazed when you discover how much potential your child's brain has. We offer cutting-edge development programs and study technique courses designed to empower students from grade 4 to 12.

Our unique approach teaches children how to think, read, and excel in math through the innovative Thinking Tools methodology. From organizing information logically to enhancing problem-solving skills, our courses are tailored to help students thrive academically and beyond.

With our courses, students can:

Learn Faster and Achieve Better Grades: Through engaging and effective study techniques.

Stimulate Creativity: Encouraging innovative thinking and exploration.

Improve Communication Skills: Enhancing both verbal and written abilities.

Boost Self-Confidence: Building a strong foundation for future success.

Whether your child needs support in regular mathematics or assistance with dyslexia or ADHD, Thinking Tools has you covered. Join the Marvelous Minds Club today and unlock a world of opportunities for your child.
Empower your child to think independently, make informed decisions, and excel in exams and real-life situations with Thinking Tools.
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Teacher Courses

Transform Your Teaching with Thinking Tools

Explore the transformative power of our Thinking Tools courses tailored specifically for educators. Designed to empower teachers from Grade R to high school, our courses focus on implementing the Thinking Tools approach in the classroom.

For Early Childhood Educators (Grade R to 3): We emphasize fostering critical thinking, enhancing reading skills, and building a foundation in basic arithmetic. Our dedicated Foundation Phase Educators guide participants in creating an engaging and stimulating learning environment.

For Grade 4 to 7 Educators: Our courses cover all subjects, including a specialized focus on mathematics. Teachers will learn how to integrate the Thinking Tools methodology into their lessons, helping students to organize information logically and enhance problem-solving skills.

For High School Educators: Enrich your teaching methodologies with our comprehensive courses spanning all subjects. Additionally, we offer specialized programs for mathematics and mathematical literacy, equipping you with the strategies needed to help students excel.

Join us on this educational journey, where Thinking Tools become the key to unlocking dynamic and effective teaching strategies.
Transform your classroom and inspire your students to become critical thinkers and knowledge creators.
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Introducing Thinking Tools for Tertiary Students

Enhance Your Academic Journey with Thinking Tools

Attention university students! Thinking Tools offers transformative training sessions designed specifically for tertiary students.

Here’s an exciting opportunity for you and your peers to enhance your education and academic performance.

What Does the Course Entail?

Discovering Your Inborn Thinking Tools: Learn about the foundational Thinking Tools and the mothership of all thinking.

Creating Knowledge and Solving Problems: Use your Thinking Tools to gain insights, create knowledge, and tackle complex problems.

Master Any Subject: Apply the Thinking Tools methodology to excel in any subject at any year of study.

Why Choose Thinking Tools Courses To Enhance Learning

What sets Thinking Tools apart is the groundbreaking revelation about the brain's innate Thinking Tools. Unlike conventional wisdom that pegs learning to linear logic, our method taps into the brain's holistic and integrated thinking capabilities. This discovery forms the bedrock of our success, paving the way for a transformative learning experience.

Our Learner Promise

🌐 Increased Marks: Dive into the Thinking Tools methods and watch your academic performance soar. We guarantee an improvement that transcends conventional learning boundaries.

⏱️ Time Efficiency: Say goodbye to endless hours of studying and revising. Our approach optimizes your learning time, making education a seamless and efficient journey.

💪 Building Confidence: Beyond grades, we nurture self-confidence. Experience a transformation that extends beyond the classroom, empowering you with newfound belief in your abilities.

Our Teacher Promise

🌟 Fresh Concepts Only: Bid farewell to recycled ideas. Our courses are a reservoir of innovative, unexplored concepts – no warmed-up leftovers here!

📚 More Than Tertiary Training: Brace yourself for a learning adventure that surpasses your entire tertiary education, including all other teaching and learning courses. Uncover the depth of knowledge that goes beyond the ordinary.

📈 Marks on the Rise: As an educator, witness the tangible impact on your learners' academic performance. The Thinking Tools approach ensures a significant boost in marks, proving that effective teaching is an art mastered with our methodology.

Our Pledge: A Double Assurance

In the rare event that our guarantees fall short and you provide proof, we stand by our commitment. Receive a reimbursement of 2x your course fee. We're not just promising success; we're backing it up with a solid guarantee.

Embark on a learning experience that transcends boundaries, unleashes potential, and guarantees success.
Join us in revolutionizing education with Thinking Tools – where marks rise, confidence soars, and learning becomes an art.
Your journey to excellence begins now!

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