Thinking Tools course for Grade 10 learners - Maths and maths literacy

All subjects are covered including languages where your child will learn how to write an essay to 80+% and complete a comprehension test with understanding and insight.

There is a huge backlog in schools’ mathematics that cannot be caught up by the exact same system that created it. The reasons for the backlog are the overenthusiastic focus on assessment and that teachers are totally overloaded with administration tasks. Even if it were to change today, it would take decades to catch up. Meanwhile, your child needs to learn to think mathematically and reason creatively which will not happen within the school system because children are being explained steps and recipes instead of learning to think mathematically. Extra classes using the same explanatory methods could not bring about a change after all these years. Thinking Tools complements the shortcomings of schools with a creative paradigm shifting approach that builds children’s self-esteem as they progress step-by-step with maths and improve their grades.

The timeslot or the maths extra classes is Saturdays 09:15 to 10:15

The maths literacy is not yet operational as I need at least 5 learners to enrol. Please contact Cas 0832592857 to discuss the enrolment.

This is how Grade 8 Thinking Tools learners figuring out and Flipped Teach the surface area of a rectangular cube.

What are the reasons for you to be concerned?

Traditionally it is believed that knowledge is power. This is not true, problem solving is power. Your child’s brain does not have the ability or capacity to absorb and process all the pages of a textbook. To overcome this deficiency, your child is taught to make summaries that work like this:

  • The content of a chapter is summarized on a few pages and then further reduced to an A4 page.
  • The A4 page is reduced to an A5 page and the A5 becomes a quarter page which is again reduced to keywords.
  • Because study methods reduce information, exam results based on this method can never reflect the brain’s full potential.

Thinking Tools and maths

Thinking Tools has unique maths approaches. Click HERE to see more.

 From the onset we see developing your child’s self-confidence and mathematical skills as one process. Research revealed that maths can be compared with a tapestry. The schools focus on the neat frontend steps and recipes. This makes the subject more home economics than maths. 


Thinking Tools focus on the backend where real maths is. The purpose is to empower your child to tie the loose ends. Each type of sum has its own tapestry backend,

even multiplication tables of which the frontend is traditionally exhausted with repetitions without bearing mathematical insights.


The challenge with the traditional explain approach that the teacher does all the jumping and then expect from the learners to do solo jumps during the exam. This is an unfair assessment practice.

Thinking Tool teachers leverage the various Think Tools in such a way that it allows your child to discover the following maths concepts in visual ways:

  • Spatial relations and patterns.
  • Geomatical relations and patterns.
  • Computational relations and patterns.
  • Logical reasoning.
  • Sequential reasoning.
  • Analogy reasoning.
  • Comparative and contrasting thinking 

What do you get for R165 subscription per month?


This is a unique interactive online course. This means you do not sit, as with most online courses and those developed by schools and other institutions during COVID, where

you passively view explanations. With Thinking Tools courses your child is engaged in the course discussions. The engagements

are recorded at the back end of the Marvelous Minds learning platform. All progresses are monitored. Your child will be able to learn at his or her own time and pace.

It is recommended that primary school parents sit with their children throughout the whole 3 x 3-hour pre-recorded sessions. It is recommended that high school parents MUST at least join in with the first session understand the paradigm shift.

The aim of the course is not only to teach your child to think, but also to identify and solve new problems. In this way, your child not only becomes empowered to pass the grade, but to achieve life skills. The course consists of 3 x 3-hour sessions. The purpose of session 1 is to introduce you child to Thinking Tools to the extent that your child will be able to start applying the first sets of Thinking Tools when learning new chapters or themes according to your specific curriculum. Thinking Tools is applicable to CAPS, Cambridge and any other curriculum.

During the sessions they put their noses to the grindstone and tackle all their subjects including languages. They learn how to write an essay to 80%+ and successfully completing a comprehension test the Thinking Tools way. The last session is spent on maths which is the beginning of a journey of mathematical thinking.

Live Zoom extra classes per grade are scheduled for Tuesday evenings from 7 to 8 pm.


1 x one-hour maths extra class on a weekly basis live with Zoom. I


All extra classes are recorded an availed on the course platform where each enrolled learner can attend to it at own time and pace.


All learners and parents are on a WhatsApp group where questions can be asked, and work shared for comments.


Guaranteed, if your child uses and applies the Thinking Tools as prescribed, your child’s marks will increase.


After you registered for the course, you will immediately gain access to a learning material and the link to the WhatsApp group where there are maths and other teachers available to assist if your child needs.

Enroll for the Thinking Tools course

While it is a challenge to get volunteer grade 10 learners and parent to create a Thinking Tools course, this setback has opened the door to an innovative alternative that could greatly benefit our learners. We have a comprehensive critical thinking course originally designed for grade 8 learners. Recognizing the immense value and importance of

critical thinking skills across various age groups, we are extending this opportunity to learners in other grades.

Critical thinking is an indispensable skill that empowers individuals to analyze information, think logically, solve problems creatively, and make informed decisions. By availing this course to multiple grade levels, we aim to equip our students with the essential tools to navigate an increasingly complex world effectively.

Through this course, students will delve into learner’s own work engaging activities. By challenging their minds and encouraging analytical thinking, this course will not only enrich their academic journey but also foster skills that are invaluable in all aspects of life. Embark on this journey of intellectual growth and empowerment.

For more information, WhatsApp Cas Olivier 0832592857 or use the chat box.

Invitation to develop a grade 10 Thinking Tools course

This is an invitation to learners and students in South Africa and other counties who want to liberate themselves for mimicking and memorising as method of study and want to become a learner who can discover and create knowledge, gain insight and solve problems.

All subjects are covered including languages where your child will learn how to write an essay to 80+% and complete a comprehension test with understanding and insight.

The course is for free as I use it for marketing. Learners must provide evidence of good marks.

The Thinking Tools approach holds the key to your child’s intellectual, emotional, and social development. When learners use their inborn Thinking Tools, they need less time for learning while their marks increase.

A spinoff is that Thinking Tools facilitate good relationships between parents and their child. The same applies in classes when the teacher follows the Thinking Tools approach.

Thinking Tools originated from my 2012 book: The DNA of Great Teachers when I realised that the current education system mainly relies on the brain’s memory which is the brain’s worst faculty. Somehow the memory is wired to forget more than it can recall. Secondly, the memory is not trustworthy. Information the learner was able to recite before entering the exam room, disappears in thin air when it must be provided as an answer on the exam paper.

Traditionally learners are advised to learn by making summaries to preparade for tests and exams. Summaries results in making information less or smaller while tests and exams require from learners to expand the information. It is not fair to expect from a summary-fit brain to suddenly demonstrate expanding fitness. This is like preparing an athlete for a 100-meter race which changes the day of the competition when it is required from the athlete to jump over a horizontal bar.

  1. The course consists of 3 x 3-hour Zoom sessions. One session per week on a date and time the group agrees upon, e.g., Wednesday evenings 18:00 to 21:00 for higher grades or Saturdays 08:00 to 11:00 or 12:00 to 15:00.
  2. A prerequisite is a strong and stable internet, a laptop with camera for Zoom where the parent/caregiver and child sit together. A letter of consent must be signed because the courses are recorded for marketing purposes.
  3. Between sessions learners must submit their Thinking Tools work per WhatsApp. This means, they learn their schoolwork as they are doing the course. The first four sessions are used to cover all subjects and the last session covers maths. Thinking Tools have a unique approach towards maths which is traditionally done by following steps and recipes with little or no real mathematical thinking and pattern discovery by learners themselves.
  4. Thinking Tools see maths as a tapestry. Where the education system focuses on the neat frontend steps and recipes that makes it more home economics than maths, we focus on the backend where the real maths is. This empowers children to see patterns as they bring the loose ends together themselves.
  5. The result is that you child’s maths marks will increase.

Learners who contribute to the development of these courses qualify for free maths extra classes with Zoom.

I need 6 COMMITTED learners and their parents per group. 

Gather a group of six learners and WhatsApp Cas Olivier to start as soon as possible.

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