Transforming Mathematical Mindsets with Thinking Tools!

This week in our Grade 7 mathematics class, I witnessed extraordinary breakthroughs that truly showcase the power of putting students first.

At Thinking Tools, we are committed to excellence, and to kick off the 2024 academic year, we initiated mathematics extra classes on January 4th, a full two weeks ahead.

Why? To empower our students to forge new neural pathways, paving the way for the creation of what we like to call "neural highways."

Our approach to mathematics is anything but conventional; we believe in making math both enjoyable and accessible. It was heartening to observe how the reasoning abilities of our Grade 7 students soared to a remarkable Grade 9 level.

What's even more astounding is that these young minds engaged in long multiplication exercises, all while exploring the fascinating realms of one and two-dimensional multiplication thinking. They effortlessly tackled complex problems, delving into the intricacies of the 22 times table. Yes, you read that correctly—twenty-two times table!

The students demonstrated profound insights as they unravelled solutions for equations like 22 x 55, 22 x 56, 22 x 57, all the way up to 22 x 59, employing both one- and two-dimensional thinking.

What does this mean for the future? It means that at Thinking Tools, we are cultivating a generation of learners who are not only keeping pace but surpassing the mathematical insights of teachers in the next five decades. The impact of our innovative Thinking Tools approach is shaping a future where students outshine conventional expectations, proving that the possibilities in education are limitless.

Join us in revolutionizing education and fostering a new era of mathematical brilliance!

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