The most effective way to transfer knowledge


This was riddle I wanted to unravel since my days as a junior teacher. I spent hours and hours sequencing, in those days on transparencies which was projected on a screen by means of an overhead projector.

When writing and sketching the information that must be transferred to the students’ brains, it was always difficult to choose between a permanent or a non-permanent ink pen. Permanent pens provided you with the benefit of permanency and the water-based pens the benefit to change the information on the transparency on-the-go. One could not have the luxury of both.

The more logical the information was that I taught, the more the supportive nods and smiles were there as I explained. Giving them homework and expecting a reflection of my logic did not bear fruits.

Came end of the year I could not clearly see the return on my investment of hours and hours of preparation.

It took me decades to realize the trillions and trillions of hours teachers, all over the world, invest in lesson planning - year in and year out without reaping the fruit.

This put me on a lifelong learning trajectory to find the secret.

To be continued ……..


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