What are the differences between study/learn and Potential Development?


Study: Rely on the brain’s worst function, i.e. the memory.

Potential Development: Rely on the brain’s best function, i.e. the ability to think.


Study: Memorizing is not natural, e.g. you will never find children on their own busy memorizing anything.

Potential Development: Thinking is a natural process, e.g. children are forever busy thinking and thinking out new things.


Study: Children keep on forgetting more than what they can remember. E.g. they memorize 15 facts, they remember 10, they learn another 15 facts and remember 5 because the brain is exhausted and after 20 minutes cannot even remember the previous 10. They hate it.

Potential Development: Thinking tool enable children to discover 15 facts, see the relation with other 15 facts. Compare it with another 5 concepts, can define and motivate and grasp cause and effect. They have A-HA experiences, love and enjoy it.


Study: Measured by the time spent sitting e.g. 2 hours. (most of the time fruitless)

Potential Development: Measured by the number of Thinking Tools used to conquer the theme.


Study: Is demotivating.

Potential Development: Thinking tools enthuse children to dig deeper and work harder.

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