Assessor Short Course


Assessors are placed in a position of judgement in that they have to make decisions about the competency of others, either in the workplace or the classroom. Skills assessors typically have some subject matter expertise in a particular subject area. This will allow them to register with a SETA as a subject matter assessor on successful completion of the assessor course.

The assessor training is based on the unit standard: Conduct outcomes-based assessment, NQF level 5, credits 15, SAQA ID 115753.

The course outline:

  • Understand outcomes-based assessments.
  • Characteristic of outcomes-based assessments
  • Recognition of prior learning.
  • Assessment principles, methods, instruments and tools.

Plan for assessment.

  • Interpret a relevant unit standard and assessment plan
  • Prepare candidates for assessment.

Conduct outcomes-based assessment.

  • Interpret unit standard and assessment plan
  • Mark the evidence provided by candidates
  • Make sound judgements using rubrics.

Give feedback to candidates and other stakeholders.

Evaluate and review the assessment.

How to register as a constituent assessor with a SETA.

Learners are provided learner with a learner guide/manual, a workbook, hard copy portfolio and CD. The CD is a Windows Explorer function. Once inserted in the CR Rom of the computer which has the typical look and feel of a website.

It provides (by means of mouse clicks) information of the following:

  • ALL relevant SAQA concepts as a lifelong source of learning.
  • An assessment guide with templates which enables the learners to spend 100% of their time on “assessment issues” and not on development of “assessment forms”.
  • The PowerPoint slides used during the contact training.

As soon as the candidate assessor is found competent and the assessment has been moderated and endorsed by the ETDP SETA, a certificate of competence will be issued. The assessor must provide the ETDP SETA statement of competence and the OBET Pro certificate to the SETA/ETQA where they seek accreditation. The SETA registers assessors to conduct assessments within in their field of expertise.

Cost includes contact training, a light lunch when training is done on my premises, e-mail and telephonic support, assessment, moderation and certification.

Course duration:

3 days where after the candidate is empowered to assess two candidates and keep record of assessment practices using a portfolio which must be submitted for final assessment.

Cost also includes:

  • Prior to training: The facilitator develops an Assessment plan, Learner Feedback Report and workable assessment instruments and tools including rubrics if not available. This is an OBET Pro investment to ensure 100% success rate of learner achievements.
  • The CD with all the needed templates for future assessments.

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