Thinking Tools Courses

All courses are done with Zoom

(National and international)

This is a Brain Based approach to teaching and learning


Information in Afrikaans

Information in English

6 x 3-hour sessions

Teacher training goes hand in hand with training in Great Teaching which includes five teaching methods.

Teachers qualify for 20 CPTD points.

R200 per session = R1 200

Parents: R1 000 per parent

Certificate after providing evidence for an additional 20 CPTD points

Grade 4 to 12 Learners

4 x 3-hour sessions

Children have 4 sessions where they are engaged in Thinking Tools needed to master their schoolwork.

Grade 4 to 7 children still need support, therefor a parent must sit in at the standard rate.

Cost: R200 per session per person – R800 + R800 = R1600

Grades 8 to 7, parents should sit in at NO cost.

Cost: R800 per child.

University Students

3 x 3-hour sessions

Any year, any field of study.

Costs: R200 per session = R600.


Contact us for information on our custom-made Thinking Tools for Corporates Programme

Private Individuals/Entrepreneurs

This programme is specifically developed for adult who want to improve their Thinking Skills to improve their thinking on a personal, business and professional level

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Content of Teacher Sessions

How do we think?

Classroom communication

Group dynamics

Surface and deep thinking gears.

Analyze and synthesize.

De Bono + 1 Thinking Hats.

Thinking maps.

Thinking Methods.

Bloom’s Taxonomy a 3D view.

Thinking modes.

Teaching methods.

Clever Learning Activities.

Hide and seek.

Formative assessment with a WOW.

Monitor learners.

MacGyver Toolkit.

Potential development.

A teaching plan.