The sweet fruits of Thinking Tools and Great Teaching

This July my Mandela 67 minutes took me 20 hours. I trained a teacher and a student-teacher on Thinking Tools and Great Teaching during the school holiday.

Isabella, the teacher applied her learning as she supported some of her learners during the school’s winter school.

This is Isabella’s testimony on her second school day on 25 July 2017:

Good day

Today I want to give testimony about Potential Development with Thinking Tools. I have done five sessions with Oom Cas Olivier during the holidays and today was my first day back at school.

Just a bit of background: I am a Geography and Tourism teacher at a private school. No, not that kind of private school. The kind of private school that caters for middle income people. We have our struggles with money, and do not always have the best facilities and latest technology. But we teach Christ’s way. Or so I thought.

At the end of term 2, I felt like a total failure and seriously considered quitting teaching. My Grade 10 Geography class had an average of 18%. Yes, really. Not one student passed at 30%. And I only had 9 students, so you would think that small classes make a difference, yes? No!

Oom Cas appeared magically into my life, like a genie just at the right moment! (Too much?) Well, that’s how I feel.

After the sessions, I felt excited to go back to school. And now, after my first day?? I’ve never taken drugs, but I can imagine this is what it feels like. I feel electrified. I want to do more! I want to take them further on this journey.

They are starting to think! It still seems a little bit like rusted wheels slowly getting into motion. Some learners are still very afraid of giving a wrong answer. They will learn – there are no more wrong answers, and they will also start to blossom!

I know we have a road ahead of us. There are, after all, roughly 10 years of bad history to undo. But after today, like a few of my Grade 10 learners said: “We are back!”

I can not thank Oom Cas enough! That he is willing to do the work God appointed him for.

I can not recommend these sessions enough. EVERY teacher should do this. EVERY parent should do this. EVERY child should do this.

With an overflowing heart,

Isabella Smit

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