Spoon-feeding is not spoon-feeding

In education, spoon-feeding is understood as a teacher who feeds learners with information the teacher ‘digested’. It seems as if the ‘digesting’ takes place when the teacher prepares for the lesson and breaks it down into explainable chunks.

Spoon-feeding is normally associated with talk-and-chalk, where the teacher is in front of the class explaining content, concepts, procedures and process to learners.

Once seen from the learner’s viewpoint it becomes clear that this is a misleading term. To grasp this, visualising a teacher in front of the class with a (one) spoon. Also visualize the learners(the class/many) being fed.

To achieve this the teacher must have a spoon for every student. Because talk-and-chalk is a group activity, feeding many learners with many spoons is not possible

If the above is not possible, the teacher must then have one BIG spoon used to dump information on the class. Is this not dumping of information, rather than spoon-feeding?

The concept ‘Information dumping’ is found nowhere in education literature.

So, what on earth are spoon-feeding teachers doing in the name of teaching?

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