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The unique format and content of this grade 10-12 math workbook support the view that maths is easy when it is discovered by learners.  

The text is printed on the left-hand pages. The blank right-hand page is provided for notes and sums. In this way, you will become the author of your own maths textbook. 

Mathematics is a way of THINKING and not the ability to follow steps to meet the criteria of a memorandum. This workbook focuses on encouraging your independent thinking and problem-solving skills. 

Our approach is to use the same inborn thinking skills that you possessed before your first day at school. 

Before entering the school system, you could already classify and group items, e.g. farm and domestic animals. You knew what belonged in the lounge and what belonged in the kitchen. You could analyse information and ask a plethora of questions. You could derive conclusions and made clever deductions. You could follow processes such as dressing yourself and setting a table. 

This approach enables you to rediscover those techniques so that you can solve mathematical problems. These skills are in line with employers’ requirements: ‘We need workers who can think independently and solve problems, not people who can follow examples in textbooks.’ 

Thinking tools enable you to make optimum use of your brain’s working memory (RAM in computer jargon), ensuring all your discoveries are securely stored in your long-term memory. 

Thinking skills empower learners to analyse problems when seeking solutions – exactly as expected in the world-of-work and for further studies. The focus is on thinking skills and not on memorising facts.  

There are different ways in which this workbook can be used. Each consecutive way will stretch your mind to another level:

  1. You can use the workbook on your own;
  2. You may ask someone qualified in Grade 12 maths, e.g. a family member, to assist you with your thinking processes;
  3. You can use it in study groups;
  4. You can use it in maths classes at school;
  5. You can use it in classes offered by a maths tutor offering one-on-one tutoring;
  6. You can use it in classes offered by a maths tutor offering extra classes to groups;
  7. You can attend classes offered by teachers and tutors trained in the methods of Great Teaching. They are best equipped to ensure that the workbook is put to maximum use.

Each theme starts with the basics of that level and not the level the system assumes you should be. Complete all activities, because each activity is a subset of the bigger picture (the curriculum for grade 10 to 12).  





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