The DNA of Great Teachers: Chapters

The chapters of the book: The DNA of Great Teachers

Example of world class Great Teaching at Northway Primary School: (Afrikaans)

Chapter 1:   Overview

1.The format of the book  1

2.The ‘Tale of Two Cities’ analogy   1

3.The DNA analogy             2

4.The chapters     3

5.The format of the bibliography    4

Chapter 2:   Mirror, Mirror on the Wall          5

Chapter 3:   Connecting the dots

1.Introduction      7

2.The Teaching Theory constellations             7

3.The Teaching Approach constellations        11

4.The teacher profiles revealed!      12

Chapter 4:   Decoding the teaching-DNA

1.Introduction      15

2.Literature’s descriptions of teachers’ competence 15

3.Teacher’s own descriptions of their competence      16

4.A universal benchmark describing teaching practices              16

5.What is teaching-DNA?   17

6.Decoding the teaching-DNA           18

7.Great teacher’s mystical DNA codes            20

8.The DNA of schools         23

Chapter 5:   When is teaching a profession?

1.Introduction      27

2.It is time for a fresh look at the word ‘teacher’          27

3.Teachership       29

4.A broad definition of great teachers            29

5.When is teaching a profession?    30

Chapter 6:   The litmus test

1.Introduction      33

2.The litmus test for teaching practice           33

3.Interpretation of the litmus test   34

4.The road ahead                36


Chapter 7:   Approaches to the interpretation of the curriculum

1.Introduction      37

2.The design mindset of average teachers     38

3.Analysis of the effect of average design codes          40

4.The effect of average design on learners and learning            41

5.The design mindset of great teachers          41

6.Design guidelines for great learning            45

7.Analysis of the effect of great design codes               47

8.The effect of great lesson planning on learners and learning 49

Chapter 8:   Teaching methods

1.Introduction      51

2.Average teaching             51

3.The influence of average teaching on learners and learning  55

4.Great teaching  56

5.Great teachers tell stories, use analogies and metaphors       58

6.Great teachers lead discussions   59

7.Great teachers mediate learning  61

8.Great teachers guide learning       62

9.Great teachers facilitate peer group learning            64

Chapter 9:   Practices to enhance learning

1.Introduction      65

2.Average teacher control their classes          65

3.The impact of average teaching on learners and learning      67

4.Great teachers establish learning harmony               67

5.Great teachers manage and lead class groups          71

1.Great teachers manage diverse individual strengths              72

2.Great teachers embrace integrated sensory learning modes 73

3.Great teachers embrace integrated thinking             76

4.Great teachers embrace integrated final mastering  of content            79

5.Great teachers embrace learners needing individual support               79

Chapter 10:   Practices to monitor and guide learners

1.Introduction      81

2.Assessment methods and instruments        81

3.Assessment tools             82

4.Average teachers’ formative assessments  84

5.Great teachers’ formative assessments       85

6.Great teachers use rubrics to monitor and guide learners      86

7.Great teachers use Bloom’s taxonomy as a rubric   89

8.Great teachers rubricate marking of learners work 91

9.The influence of using rubrics for learners and learning         92

10.Great teachers have a MacGyver toolkit  92

11.Great teachers differentiate between learning abilities        94

Chapter 11:   Practices to support learners

1.Introduction      97

2.Average teachers take lead           97

3.Great teachers are followers         99

4.Great teachers use sensory input scaffolds to support learners            101

5.Great teachers use thinking scaffolds          103

6.The impact of using scaffolds for learners and learning          112

My True Curriculum           113

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