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Dr Cas Olivier

Expert on the thinking brain

Cas was a biology teacher and head of department, training adviser at the University of Pretoria, research coordination with the National Training Board and a training adviser with the department of labour.

He is a specialist on the thinking brain. In his work, he demonstrates how twenty-eight inborn thinking tools are integrated and holistically employed in thinking processes.

This approach provides thinking roadmaps to gear learners towards developmental mindsets, and this thinking tools programme is registered with the South African Council for Educators.

He provides online contact sessions to teachers, parents and learners, as well as businesses and entrepreneurs.

He is also the author of The DNA of Great Teachers and a co-author of Critical Thinking: A Multi-Dimensional approach in the Context of South Africa.


I did the course during the March 2019 holiday. One has to test a new thing before being able to comment. Therefore, after almost four weeks of teaching the thinking tools way, I can confidently testify to the following:·        

  1. My classes’ discipline is now excellent.·        
  2. The kids work, and the chalk is left to rest.·        
  3. Experiencing the joy when children achieve something they themselves did not think is possible.·        
  4. Parents are contacting me saying that their child can’t stop talking about maths.·        
  5. The thinking maps are fantastic, and they love the hats … they regularly ask me: “The red hat too, teacher?”·   


We’re writing a test on Monday – I’m relaxed and my kids are ready. Thank you, Cas, a life-changing course!!

Donnie Du Plessis


Matric marks with thinking tools at the end of 2018: Mathematics class average 62% (up 11–27% from the previous three years). Physical Sciences class average 75% (up 25–40%) from the previous three years). I am so proud of my children.

Carmen Henning

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