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We are in the business of unlocking potential for excellence.

LearningDesigns an ETDP SETA accredited provider since 1992.

We specialize in offering you high quality and creative learning experiences, including life skills.

LearningDesign is the only provider specializing in great teaching and thinking tools.

Our brand is renowned for its learner-centeredness.

We have trained hundreds of individuals, people from small companies and from multi-national organizations As proponent of constructivist teaching we focus on learners struggling to schoolwork. We don’t re-teach school subjects, but use Thinking Tools to empower learners to meet their optimal potential.

This is possible because we understand the process from learning programme development to assessment and moderation. We provide in-house training as well as Skype groups.


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Get the life you want

Life coaching is not therapy. We don't work on past-based issues or traumas. ... We focus on the present and your goals for the future. We help you move forward and set personal and professional goals that will give you the life you really want.

We motivate, empower and change...

What is SETA

SETA stands for Sector Education and Training Authority.

To offer nationally recognised training, all training providers and educational institutes need to be accredited by a relevant Education Training Quality Assurance Body (ETQA). SETAs are one kind of Education Training Quality Assurance Bodies – ETQAs.

When an education or training provider is accredited by an ETQA (for example, SETAs), this ‘stamp of approval’ indicates that the provider gives valuable, portable, outcomes-based and relevant training and assessment. When an education provider is accredited by a SETA, they are then able to offer SETA-accredited courses.

By registering with an ETQA-accredited training provider (for example, with a College that offers SETA-accredited courses), you can be assured that you will gain valuable knowledge from these courses which you will be able to apply in your workplace.

  • Design and develop outcomes-based assessments. NQF level 6, Credits 10
  • Facilitate the preparation & presentation of evidence for assessment. NQF level 4, Credits 4
  • Carry out course administration. NQF level 3, Credits 3
  • Perform one-to-one training on the job (coaching). NQF level 3, Credits 3
  • Facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies, NFF level 4, Credits 10
  • Conduct outcomes-based assessments. NQF level 4, Credits 15
  • Conduct moderation of outcomes-based assessments, NQF level 6, Credits 10v
  • Conduct targeted training & development using given methodologies NQF level 4, Credits 10

Mastering Math for Grade 10-12

Teaching Math's is not just teaching learners to follow mathematical steps or just master mathematical procedures. Using our step by step guide brings by the ultimate understanding and applying the ultimate tool.

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We Educate, Empower and Transform Lives so that people can be Equipped to become Successful and Happy in their Careers, Personal Lives, Relationships, Family and Finances.


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