What makes Thinking Tools learning different?

It is based on the brain’s ability to THINK, not on its ability to memorize

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  • None of the thinking tools in the thinking tools set is an invention; they are all inborn talents of human beings.
  • Employing thinking tools are naturally occurring brain activities that our brains continuously perform without us being aware that we employ them and how we employ them.
  • How many Thinking Tools in the Thinking Tool set? 28
  • How easy is it to master Thinking Tools? Some Thinking Tools can be introduced at grade RR level.
  • The Critical Thinking Toolkit is the mother ship of all thinking which consists of the following Thinking Tools:

Critical Questioning Thinking mode

Logical Thinking mode

Creative Thinking mode

Big Picture Thinking mode

The success of the Thinking Tools set is based on its holistic, integration with other Thinking Tools and its non-linear characteristics, which are aligned with the ways the brain think.

A fundamental concept about the brain

Homo sapiens is destined to think, and thus all information on earth is created by human brains. The fact that the brain is a knowledge creator is acknowledged everywhere in the world, except in schools where learners’ brains are turned into knowledge duplicators. This is in stark contrast with the meaning of “sapiens”, which is “wise”.

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Math’s teachers and parents, this is where you can shop for Thinking Tools based Math’s activities. Thinking Tools activities empower learners to e.g. analyse mathematical concepts, discover patterns which guide learners through similar sums.