Developing a life skill in a variety of contexts suitable for parents, peers, members of education
This book is truly inspirational and surely a benefit to both practicing teachers and teachers in training.
Being good at Maths entails more than just the mastery of procedures... understanding basic foundations.

Training & Teaching

LearningDesigns is here to turn you into a great teacher, assessor or moderator.

Thinking Tools

Discover the core skills of effective thinking; then analyze your own thought ...

Mastering Maths

Is your child a master in maths or a math slave? Master "Maths Easy as Pi!

About us

We are in the business of unlocking potential for excellence.

Learning Designs is an accredited provider that specializes in offering you high quality & creative learning experiences that will change your life forever. Unlocking your hidden potential by applying specialised tools and rewiring your thinking methods. Our brand is renowned for exceptional service, excellent standards and are results driven.

Whether you’re a student, an individual from a small company or a multi-national business you will benefit by our proven strategy of improving your own self. We are here to turn you into a better teacher, a better assessor or a better moderator and if you are a student and you want to improve your math's, we can even help with that with our easy as pie course.

A proponent of constructivist teaching. Coined the Thinking Toolbox concept.

Training target groups: Trainers, Managers, Teachers and Students.

We provide in-house training on a one-to-one basis as well as in groups via Skype.

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About us

We Educate, Empower and Transform Lives so that people can be Equipped to become Successful and Happy in their Careers, Personal Lives, Relationships, Family and Finances.


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